Opinion: Wasting the people’s money

POSTED: 03/2/15 11:55 PM

Dear Editor,

It is quite disheartening to have to read in our local newspapers that through irresponsible behavior of a former minister of Country St. Maarten, this country, by ignoring court orders has forfeited $100,000,– and Naf. 200,000 in penalties at a time when the government of this Country is cutting subsidies to social programs, which are dearly needed by those of less recourse. During a follow-up hearing in this case the judge apparently remarked “All this money is just wasted”. It appears as if only the judge cares. This minister should be personally held liable for this lost of government funds. And then we have the ten coalition parliamentarians who voted for the amendment to the budget of 2015 to allocate funds to buy the Vorst property in Cay Hill knowing that the price being paid by government for the land, based on the appraisal reports, is beyond proportion. But they don’t care. It is not coming out of their pockets. And the government owned companies: Money is spent by these companies as if there is no tomorrow. And when the supervisory boards and management are questioned about “strange dealings” and excessive spending, their answers are always: Sorry we can’t reveal any information, we have committed the company to non-disclosure agreements or the issues are of a personal matter. Take the present supervisory board of NV GEBE with a MOU that they apparently signed off on in the Dominican Republic. When questioned in parliament about it, no answers were forth coming. The same goes for the management of the Harbour Group of Companies with the extremely large increase on their budget to pay for outsourced security to Checkmate Security Co., a company recently acquired by new owners. The CEO of the Harbour Group of Companies refused to answer certain questions in Parliament about this topic. What is happening to this island?


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