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POSTED: 08/29/14 2:33 AM

The attempt by the United People’s party to obtain a copy of the voters register stranded yesterday on formal grounds – the attorneys dragged the wrong parties to court. Maybe there will be a second attempt today, but the lawsuit seems to be pretty much dead in the water, because the Voting Ordinance simply forbids providing anyone with the complete register.

The UP claimed at first that it wanted a copy to control whether the register is correct, but also to be able to reach out to voters. Yesterday the attorneys claimed that it was about checking that UP-members are eligible voters, since this is a requirement for membership.

The second argument was that only eligible voters are allowed to donate to political parties. This is only partially true: this rule applies to donors that ship more than 5,000 guilders to the party or candidate of their choice.

The bottom line is that the UP is interested in the register to reach out to voters. That is a good reason to keep aid register under wraps. If the party really wants to control whether the 21,457 names that are currently in the register are correct, or if there are still some missing – before Friday’s election, we would have wished them much success. That won’t be necessary, because we figure that the court will not grant the party access to the complete register.

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