Opinion: Unpaid advice to voters

POSTED: 08/14/14 11:39 PM

Tuesday night I went as usual to La Bamba’s Latin Night. I danced a bachata with my daughter Laura who is for some months back on St. Maarten after sailing around the world for more than a year. It was hot and I was sweating a lot, so I decided to take a walk to the election party of the UP near Royal Palm.

I sat down and listened for half an hour to several speakers. Three of them I taught Dutch language in MPC: Miguel de Weever, Rhoda Arrindell and Marietje Buncamper. Miguel disappointed me. He was not speaking, He was roaring and shouting and jumping like a monkey. My unpaid advice for Miguel: do as your brother Connie. He is the best politician of the sitting government.

The speech of Rhoda was O.K. She wants to make education and schooling better, but somehow failed to explain how she is going to do that. Somehow I admire Rhoda. She probably is the smartest of all candidates.

Marietje began a bit nervous but became more and more confident, but also more and more vague. UP is going to make us all happy and St Maarten a better place.

My report card: Miguel 4 (loudness: 8) Rhoda and Marietje 6

I personally do not yet know who to vote for. I will vote of course for the party that gives me a piece of lease land worth some $3 million. If I do not get that from any party, I will vote for the party that in its program has: a salary cut of 20 % for government officials.

I absolutely do not understand why even not a man like Rueben Thompson has come forward with this idea. The US party could make a lot of votes if this were one of the points in their party program.


Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid advisor to dancers and politicians.


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