Opinion: Unpaid advice to Rhoda Arrindell

POSTED: 05/23/12 1:20 PM

I am a retired teacher. Every day I meet ex students. Until now nobody beat me up, so I take it I did not do a bad job. But once in a while I am disappointed in an ex student. I am disappointed in Rhoda Arrindell. I taught her how to read, but she cannot read.
Hilbert Haar wrote articles about modern day slavery. How desperate poor (black) girls are lured to St. Maarten, how they are robbed of their passport and have to pay an exorbitant price for a bed to sleep in with men. Hilbert calls it a “form” of slavery.
Rhoda is insulted. How dare he compare the misery of slaves with the misery of poor women out of despair choosing to work in a brothel.
I do not see a problem; it is a form of slavery. Unpaid advice to Rhoda: join Hilbert in his fight against a modern form of slavery.
Another thing Rhoda: why did you join UP? UP is the same as DP. Together they sold out the legacy of your slaves to rich white foreigners. Why in God’s name did you join the party for slavery?
My daughter will be graduating this month at the Art Academy in Holland. She is going to do that with a movie about how St. Maarten was 50 years ago. She is doing it with Tanny and the Boys and other elderly people.
Laura asked Rhoda for money to make that movie. She only got one third of what she needed. Rhoda is not really interested in St. Maarten students coming back to the island. I hope Sylveria is.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,
Unpaid advisor to Sylveria Jacobs

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