Opinion: Unpaid advice to Rhoda and Romain

POSTED: 10/24/11 2:02 AM

Rhoda wants a new anthem. Nobody knows why.  I think I know. Rhoda wants St. Maarten to be written as St. Martin. She prefers French colonialism to Dutch colonialism. So I take it that she has something against the Dutch. Father Kemps, the creator of “Oh sweet St. Maarten land” was a Dutchman, not born here.

Dear Rhoda, you are also a foreigner, you are not “born here”, like your advisor, Fabian Badejo, who was also not born here, like father Kemps, who was also not born here, like me, who also was not born here. What Rhoda, Badejo, Father Kemps and I have in common is that we are not born in St. Maarten but that we came to St. Maarten, we fell in love with the island and decided to stay there for the rest of our lives because you do not leave the one you love.

Father Kemps loved the island so much that he created a song. He did not serve the Dutch; he served God and the people of St Maarten. Everybody loves his song, except Rhoda, because she prefers French colonialism.

Unpaid advice to Rhoda: learn to listen to the people you serve, grow ears. Unpaid advice to Romain: teach Rhoda how to use her ears. You know how to listen. Sorry that I ridiculed you at election time.

Gerard Bijnsdorp, Happy Hummer of Father Kemps’ song. 

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Opinion: Unpaid advice to Rhoda and Romain by

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