Opinion: Unique solution for crowded roads

POSTED: 10/31/11 12:27 PM

Ah, finally there is a unique solution for our crowded roads. Stop the import of new cars and invite American Joe LoCicero for a seminar. The American, who in Maine, bought a 1990 model Honda Accord in 1996. The car had just 74,000 miles on the clock and with a bit of luck, it could stay on the road for another three or four years before the real trouble starts.
That didn’t happen with Joe’s Honda though, because earlier this month Joe clocked 1,609,344 kilometers or one million miles on his car’s clock. Honda was pleased with Joe and gave him a brand new Honda Accord. Who said those Japs don’t have a sense of humor?
Joe is a car mechanic and he does all the maintenance on his car himself. His secrets: follow the maintenance schedule, use quality products and drive carefully.
Well we’ll be darned. Had Joe driven his Honda on St. Maarten, he would probably not get past 10,000 kilometers a year. At that pace, he could have kept his car alive for 160 years.

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