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POSTED: 05/30/12 10:21 PM

Since the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez is, well, Hugo Chávez (we don’t want to be prosecuted for insulting a foreign head of state) it does not surprise us in the least that the man has a Twitter account. The thought that the top dog of a country spends his time tweeting is rather hilarious, but Chávez took it a step further this week when he announced that he now has more than 3 million followers on twitter.

Not only did Chávez announce this, he celebrated it with a message to the social network masses. To the 3 million followers he send a special word of thanks, the president tweeted, adding something like: we use this platform to continue the struggle for our ideas.

According to the Volkskrant, Chavez started tweeting when he was in Cuba in June of last year for cancer treatment. He opened his Twitter-account in 2009 to obstruct the use of social media by the opposition.

Apparently that did not work out very well. The president is touting his 3 million followers, but we figure we’re going to find out one of these days that members of the opposition heavily outnumber him – but that could be wishful thinking, of course.

The whole thing makes us wonder though: how many followers are there for Sarah, William, Theo, Jules and Romain – to mention just a few examples?

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