Opinion: Traffic jams

POSTED: 08/25/11 12:47 PM

Complaining is an integral part of human nature. We love to complain and we always think that others have to fix whatever it is what we are complaining about, so that we are able to start complaining about something else.
The moaning and groaning among motorists who have to venture in or out of Simpson Bay during the next four months will probably swell to Titanic proportions.
Sure, there will be traffic jams, and yes, it will now take more time, probably a lot more time, to get from a to B. But what do we really want? Potholes galore and flooded roads after every shower, or a decent infrastructure?
No one, not even vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger, is able to make an omelet without breaking eggs.
So we’ll just have to put up with the situation. Maybe the traffic jams will inspire people to go for forgotten alternatives like car pooling, public transport, cycling or simply walking.
Another option is of course to stay away from potentially congested areas during rush hour. Leave a couple of hours earlier or later, and traffic will at least be a lot lighter.
Let’s be grateful that all this is going down during the off season and not at a time when the island is crammed with tourists. When they come back in December and the roads are fixed, motorists will have something else to complain about.

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