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POSTED: 09/25/12 2:06 PM

The number is always there but at a time when a horrific crime is committed it is useful to bring it to the attention of our readers again: the police tip line.

While the police are now bringing the number to the public’s attention to gather more information about the murder on Michael and Thelma King, the number is available all through the year to report crimes or suspicious behavior to law enforcement.

In a way, this tip line could work as an addition to the neighborhood watch that is now more or less put in place with the introduction of community police officers. But remember, these officers need the cooperation of the community to get results.

The tip line for local calls is 9300.

For international calls (and that includes calls from the French side when they are made from French cell phones or French landlines it is: 1 721 542 03 45. A TelCell of a Chippie phone will work as a local call, also when the user is on the French side.


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