Opinion: Through the mud

POSTED: 02/3/12 2:24 PM

If we have to go by the information we received yesterday from Wifol-president Theophilus Thompson, there is something seriously wrong at the human resources department of the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina.
Imagine an employer who offers you a job and asks you to sign a contract. When you ask for a copy of your contract, the employer refuses. When you ask for an opportunity to read it, this is refused as well. That’s apparently what happened with the former Pelican Resort workers who were re-employed at the renamed resort.
We are unable to begin to imagine what the reason for this behavior could be. According to Thompson the contracts are no simple affairs but documents of twenty-odd pages that would make an insurance company proud.
The employees did not even get to read their contracts: according to Thompson it was read to them.
All this happens obviously under the guidance of the resort’s general manager Jules James, a member of the UP-faction in parliament.
While his reputation is already irreparably damages by other incidents, this episode puts even more mud on his face.
A carpenter who worked for eighteen years for the Pelican Resort was presented with a contract that included a 2-month probation period. The carpenter has a track record of close to two decades at the resort.
It seems to us, that the Simpson Bay Resort is doing everything in its power to give itself a bad name. That is a matter of choice, of course, but in the process St. Maarten gets a bad name as well.
Parliament is also dragged through the mud; maybe one could argue that it is by now dragging itself through the mud, because there is not a single indication about some kind of action against James – at least not from his own faction.
So all in all, this whole messy business is bad for St. Maarten and bad for the reputation of local politics. Above all, it is obviously bad for the people who lost their jobs and for those who were forced to sign a contract they were not allowed to read.

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