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POSTED: 03/11/14 12:31 AM

Dear editor,

If one should analyze the situation in Country St. Maarten today, one would conclude that there are three Ministries of Vromi and that they are situated respectively at the Harbor Group of Companies in Pointe Blanche, at the Princess Juliana International Airport in Simpson Bay and at the Administration Building in Philipsburg.

The analysis will further show that these Ministries of Vromi can be categorized based on the scale of the projects that they execute. My analysis tells me that the Ministry at the harbor, which ministry is led by the Chief Executive Officer of the Harbor Group of Companies is our number one Ministry of Vromi.

This Ministry executes large and very costly projects. Examples are the boardwalk and roundabouts in Philipsburg, the very expensive causeway and roundabouts in Simpson Bay, the purchase of real estate in Pointe Blanche for developmental purposes and the plans to buy the Emilio Wilson Estate for commercial use. It appears that this Minister of Vromi has to his disposal financial resources similar to an Arabian Sheik. It won’t be too long before he becomes the most powerful person in Country St. Maarten.

Our number two Ministry of Vromi is the one at the airport that is led by the chief executive officer of the PJIA. This ministry executes projects of a lower scale than the Harbor Ministry. It has built a large roundabout and has plans to erect very expensive ornaments on it. This ministry is also busy filling in the Simpson Bay lagoon for commercial purposes and the purchase of real estate for gentrification and rehabilitation.

Then we have our Ministry of Vromi number three that is housed in the Administration Building in Philipsburg. It is led by the minister who forms part of the Council of Ministers. It appears that this minister is not there to handle million-dollar projects and I always wonder why.

He executes small projects, like the cleaning of the trenches, the patching up of public roads and road markings. But I must admit he is very good at marketing himself. In that field he is right up there with the prime minister and the chairlady of parliament. Even the prime minister saw the need to get involved in the Dutch Quarter project for which she obtained funds to execute it.

I would have loved to be in the meeting of the Council of Ministers where the prime minister brought up her involvement in the Dutch Quarter project, only to see the expression on the face of our minister of Vromi number three. I wonder if the involvement of all the above-mentioned people in infrastructure projects is beneficial to Country St. Maarten.
Todd Peterson  

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