Opinion: The man who charged himself with murder

POSTED: 11/26/12 2:02 PM

He made a name for himself as G. Dep and even was on stage with rapper P. Diddy. But the success did not make Trevell Coleman happy. His story is an interesting one, not only because of his personal history, but also because there is a lesson in it for young people in St. Maarten.

In 1993, Coleman was an emerging little drug dealer in New York. He did what all those dealers do as soon as they are able to afford it. He bought a gun.

Then, in 1993 at the tender age of 18, he decided to use the gun to rob someone. His victim was not impressed and attempted to take the gun away. Coleman shot his victim, and then fled the scene. He was never arrested and he never knew whether his victim lived or died. During the next seventeen years the story kept hunting him and in the end he could not take it anymore. In December 2010, Coleman went to the police. He told officers what he had done all those years ago and asked whether his victim had survived.

At the end of his confession, the police told him what he wanted to know: his victim, a crack addict, had died of the gunshots.

Coleman is now serving a 15-year prison sentence. And you know what? He feels good about the fact that he finally brought up the courage to confess.

So what do we learn from this story? Pulling a trigger as an 18-year old is easy. But killing another human being works on the conscience of most people. Sooner or later they have to tell their story. For the victim, it is of course too late: a brother of the victim even told Jennifer Gonnerman who wrote the story for New York Magazine in the rudest possible terms that as far as he was concerned Coleman could go to hell.

The moral of this story: if you kill someone, you die with your victim.

Read the full story about the man who charged himself with murder at: http://nymag.com/news/features/trevell-coleman-2012-11/

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