Opinion: The little one liner

POSTED: 04/12/12 12:40 PM

Shareholder Representative of the Princess Juliana International Airport and Vice-Prime Minister Theodore Heyliger delivered an interesting one liner at Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press briefing. He told the media, “The airport can barely afford to pay its concession to government.” That is enough to raise our eye brows.

Heyliger is known to be pretty straight forward so we have little reason to doubt that he was serious when he made his pronouncement in order to dismiss a rumor that the airport will invest in the causeway that will be built in Simpson Bay. Now that the minister has been frank though, there needs to be an explanation of what exactly is going on at the island’s main airport.

We do have the feeling from another statement by Heyliger that the airport is considering a bond to get rid of the burdensome interest rate from its loan at RBTT. But Wednesday’s statement gives a further insight that the situation at the airport is really not good and someone needs to tell the people of this country what exactly is the status of the airport’s finances.

While Heyliger is far from being the pope or a Native Indian he has sent up a smoke signal that all would do well to pay attention to. We think it’s time to find out if there’s a fire at the airport.

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