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POSTED: 09/12/11 12:28 PM

Bringing the voice of the reasonable Muslim out of the shadows, that is the goal GreenLeft parliamentarian Tofik Dibi is after with The Last Fatwa, global awareness campaign he launched last Friday on the Internet.

Dibi says that Muslims must free themselves from top-down decrees, issued by a handful of scholars. They have to learn to think for themselves and to make their own choices.

Dibi uses the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York to start a movement that aims to put a stop to what he calls the hijacking of the Islamic faith.

According to the Volkskrant, Dibi’s campaign is not without risk. He is not an Islam scholar but a politician. He says that Fatwa’s can be genuine answers to genuine questions of an individual Muslim. He refers to most welcome anti-terrorism Fatwa but he also notes that they reduce Muslims to spineless underlings of fellow-believers who think they are Allah.

Dibi is aware that certain Islamic groups will get very angry with him; his call can also be seen as a political Fatwa. He received a lot of support for his initiative last week, but most supporters also ppinted out that he is venturing into risky business.

But Dibi dismisses the possible threats. “I am making a call on common sense and I refer to individual freedom. Everyone is able to experience the Islam his own way.” Dibi chose the Fatwa on purpose, because it is such a strong symbol that will lead to national and international discussions.

Labor Party MP Ahmed Marcouch, theologian Mohammed Ajouaou and producer Naima Azough have signed The Last Fatwa in support.

Dibi’s initiative makes sense and he chose the right moment to launch it. The United States is still on the defensive, anticipating terrorist attacks on 9/11’s anniversary. The initiative to tackle the situation from a completely different angle is more than welcome, and possibly also more productive.

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