Opinion: The ideal grandmother

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:37 PM

Don’t think that senior citizens have no role to play in our community. We encountered a brilliant example yesterday when we attended a court session wherein a 22-year-old stood trial for car theft.

For sure, not a shocking event, especially since the car was found back in good condition and returned to its rightful owner.

The young man is a misfit with great plans to improve his life – something we really appreciate. We’re not going to judge a young man on one stupidity. Actually, we’re not judging young people at all – we leave that to our resident judge.

So what happened? Our young hero had had “a little bit too much to drink.” That’s a polite way of saying that he was drunk.

When he saw a car at an unidentified gas station with the keys in the ignition he simply got in and drove off. Later he would tell investigators that he had no idea how he had arrived at the house of his grandmother.

Granny was having none of the nonsense her grandson brought home. She saw the car, she saw her grandson, and then she grabbed her phone and called the police. Grandson was arrested and yesterday he had his day in court, hardly two weeks after he went off the rails. Brilliant!

We think that this lady ought to get an award for being the ideal grandmother, for being somebody with enough common sense to show a younger generation by which standards they ought to live.

The grandson does not have to go to jail; the court gave him a suspended sentence and added 60 hours of community service. That will give him something useful to do. Hanging around the house all day doing nothing at age 22 is not healthy, the public prosecutor said. He won’t have an argument about that with the youngster’s grandmother. And if everything works out, the young man will learn something from this experience and make something of his life. Thanks to grandma.

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