Opinion: Take it or leave it

POSTED: 10/17/11 11:51 AM

The political situation in Curacao is deteriorating, and the Netherlands is facing what politicians like to call “a situation”. They don’t like the word problem.
The situation is this: the Kingdom Council of Ministers has made clear to the government in Curacao that: if the parliament does not follow the recommendations from the Rosenmöller report (establishing a committee of wise Men to investigate integrity issues), the Kingdom Council of Ministers will instruct Governor Goedgedrag to do this. If for some reason, this does not work either, the Kingdom Council invokes article 43 of the Kingdom Charter.
So far, the Netherlands has played the game by the rules, while politicians in Curacao continued to scream blue murder. Terms like re-colonization come to mind here.
One thing is certain: the parliament will do nothing with the Rosenmöller report. That leaves Governor Goedgedrag to carry the can.
In the meantime, Kingdom Relations Minister Donner has no intentions whatsoever to test article 43 of the Kingdom Charter in practice, because the cure would probably be worse than the disease. We don’t take the talks about a new revolt in Willemstad lightly, and neither does the Dutch government.
For all we know, the situation in Curacao has inspired Donner to start looking for another job, which he seems to have found with the Council of State.
That leaves the good citizens of Curacao with an awkward situation. If, in spite of a rather solid report about integrity issues, politicians opt to use said report as toilet paper, and if the Kingdom then shows that it is either completely powerless or completely unwilling to do something about this, the Schotte-government will be free to do whatever it wants.
For the people that means: take it or leave it. And from what we hear, businesses are busy contemplating the second option.

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