Opinion: SXM lift your head

POSTED: 10/15/15 3:45 PM

Dear SXM,

Today is a day to make history. We as a nation of people, made up of people from all over the world, which makes us very unique. We are Caribbean by nature, so today we stand at the cross road with only one hope and that hope is to step into history with a clear objective and plan to make that objective live. SXM is ‘The Friendly Island’…so we already have a mandate! The mandate is to keep SXM that way, by insuring safety for our people, insuring a rich social and cultural environment with a variety of job opportunities by insuring international and regional relationships, insuring learning establishments that promote pioneering and innovation, insuring that there are food and family care facilities within the different districts. Therefore, within the Caribbean and the world, SXM is a beacon of hope, so let us maintain that fact. People of SXM, lift your head up for we are just at the beginning of our history, and we will make our future together.

Ir. Delano Richardson

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