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POSTED: 01/10/13 12:56 PM

The United States is in the ban of mass shootings, especially at schools. The latest tragedy at a school in Newtown has opened up a new market: survival training for teachers. This is how it goes according to a report in Trouw: “During a survival training trainers play the role of shooter and teachers run for their life. The trainers also teach them how to handle a firearm.”

The Los Angeles Times reported about such a training that took place last week Saturday at San Diego State University.

We understand that this training took place in the dormitories. And what did the participants learn? According to Trouw they learned to turn off the lights – a skill most earthlings acquire in, say, first grade but maybe American teachers are slow learners. Fortunately, there was more to learn, like fleeing and barricading doors. The course also shows teachers how to jump out of a window as long s it is not too high.

We’d say that the readiness to jump from a window depends on the threat-level. Under a low threat-level a teacher might be willing to jump from a window on the ground floor, but if threat-levels go through the roof there comes a moment when the floor becomes irrelevant. When it’s bad enough, you jump no matter what.

Nest school year, all students at San Diego State will undergo a so-called active shooter response training.

A week earlier one hundred teachers and other staff in Jefferson County in Alabama underwent a similar training. Here the trainers also advised to always have an emergency kit containing a map of the building and a flashlight in each class room.

Up to last week more than 600 teachers from 15 states registered for the free armed-teacher training in Ohio. In this training the teachers learn how to handle a firearm in a simulated school building.

You see where this is going: in the direction of the fiercely contested advice by the National Rifle Association to respond to gun violence with more guns. If the United States is going towards a climate wherein children are taught history and literature, for instance, by heavily armed teachers, God help us when students start to get on the nerves of such a teacher. In the old days they might have used a bit of (illegal) corporal punishment. With a gun in their pocket, at least some of them may chose for the most logical option.

Prosecutors and judges in St. Maarten always have the same message for defendants who are charged with gun possession: if you have a gun, you are planning to use it.
Maybe it’s a good idea for students that have to sit classes with armed teachers to take some self defense lessons too. And if teachers are allowed to bear arms, why would that same right be denied to students?

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