Opinion: Super Seven (The current St. Maarten political situation)

POSTED: 03/10/16 7:00 PM

Dear Editor,

The Board of the United People’s Party (UP) supports the position taken by UP Members of Parliament (MPs) and Independent MPs Cornelius de Weever and MP Leona Marlin-Romeo, also known as the Super Seven, with respect to the current political situation that the country finds itself in.

The options are very reasonable and in the interests of the country in moving forward. The question is, will the Marlin government show political maturity in working with the opposition for the sake of the country?

The leader of the UP Party MP Theo Heyliger has presented options of stability for the country. At the moment the country is paralyzed and it seems that the Marlin cabinet will wait it out until the MP who supports the Marlin Cabinet coalition is released from police detention.

Should the functioning of government be halted at the expense of the ongoing detention of the MP who supports the Marlin cabinet? Government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the country at large, eagerly await the finalization of the draft 2016 budget. Will the Marlin led government extend the olive branch or will it prefer to hold the nation hostage?

But, what if the detention of the MP is extended for another eight+ days? Will the Marlin cabinet continue to hold the nation hostage?

The Super Seven is ready to give a quorum so the 2016 budget debate can continue.

The Super Seven is willing to support the approval of the budget with amendments, and that parliament is dissolved afterwards in order for the people to go to the polls.

Another option is the formation of a national government that would serve the country and the people for the remaining term with elections constitutionally due in 2018.

The UP is calling on the Marlin cabinet and coalition to show political maturity rather than self-interests and self-preservation.

Board United People’s party

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