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POSTED: 01/17/13 12:03 PM

Is cock fighting a good method of stress relief? Dr. Eugene Grabowski, who delivered the Martin Luther King lecture on Tuesday, seems to think so. It certainly is the most original argument in favor of this barbarian so-called cultural tradition we have heard in a long time.

Psychopaths find stress relief at a very young age by torturing animals. When they grow up, they turn their newly acquired skills on human beings.

The people who are enthralled by cock fighting train their animals for these fights. We have no idea how they do this, nor do we care. All we know is that these poor animals are prepared for their hero’s journey by their owners. They do not get a harness to protect them against the possible negative effects of a fight with another cock, but they are equipped with razor sharp knives on their legs. There is only one purpose: kill.

Grabowski considers this a great stress reliever. Following the same reasoning, Adam Lanza found his own way of stress relief. He did not get into cock fights; he just mowed down twenty school kids in Newtown. Harris and Klebold – the two thugs of the infamous Columbine shooting – did the same thing. Stress relief – wow, you have to be a trauma surgeon to come up with the idea. Maybe that’s because Grabowski is used to see a lot of blood during his working hours.

Anyway, the American sure gave the proponents of this cultural tradition (that is still prohibited on the Dutch side as long as the new penal code has not been published) a fresh argument to make their case.

Maybe we should let all this go and accept the human condition as it exists in St. Maarten. Maybe we should ignore the unbelievable shortsightedness that also makes people in general and politicians in particular turn a blind eye to the labor conditions in our thriving prostitution business. After all, as our justice minister likes to argue, it’s a legal (at least legally condoned) business, so what’s wrong with that?

Well, with the business itself everything is wrong. It is based on the exploitation of women who mostly end up in this grizzly business at the hands of Mafiosi, and if that is not the case, they are driven by sheer poverty. In that sense, prostitution is never a free choice.

But our decision makers don’t care, because the women and girls that provide these services are not from here. By not speaking out against it, our politicians are actually parading their opinion about prostitution at the top of their voices.
How is it that foreign women are able to obtain work permits for this industry? Are they not taking away job opportunities from local girls and women? You never hear politicians make that argument, nor do you hear them say that every foreign prostitute ought to have a local counterpart.

And all the while we have this funny feeling that our politicians see whorehouses as places for the ultimate stress relief. But trauma surgeon Grabowski has now concocted another stress-outlet: cock fighting.

What do you say to that? What a wonderful world we live in?

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