Opinion: Square cigarettes

POSTED: 07/6/11 1:35 PM

The embattled tobacco industry, desperately looking for the next big thing to lure customers, has something new coming soon: the square cigarette. Remarkably, the motive this time is not to create a new hype; instead, the goal is cutting cost.

R.J. Reynolds, producer of smokes like Camel, Winston and Pall Mall has filed documents to patent the square cigarette. The detailed drawing the company filed with the request shows that this will reduce the cost of packaging material significantly.

For nervous smokers there are difficult times ahead, if only because it seems more difficult to fish the first cigarette out of a tightly packed wrapper.

And how will it feel between the lips, a square cigarette? The company says nothing in its request about convenience, or about effects on a smoker’s health.

But then, R.J. Reynolds knows as well as the next guy that there is no difference between square, round or oblong cigarettes. Smoking kills. Always has, always will.

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