Opinion: Souls for the Kingdom

POSTED: 10/28/11 11:32 AM

We’ve been wondering for quite some time now, without getting around to putting some real energy into it, what is going on with the tent-church in Dutch Quarter. The blue and white striped House of God appeared sometime during the summer, complete with a large sign that kind of promised that the whole thing would be gone again by, if we remember correctly, September 25.
That date came and went, but the blue and white striped tent did not go anywhere. It is, in a way, past its expiry date, but it appears that the people who run this show just cannot get enough of being in Dutch Quarter. One has to admire their stamina, what with all the infrastructural work going on around them.
One cannot help wondering what the owners of this show are living off; they must obviously have a permit for their presence, otherwise they would have been thrown off the island a long time ago. Just ask the Honorable Priest Kailash Kay Leonce, a spiritual healer from St. Lucia who was unceremoniously put out of business in August for reasons that will forever remain a mystery. But a healer who offers herbal products is apparently a different cup of tea than a spiritual healer who is selling the word of God. Maybe this is a secret revenge for that church that was never built in Belvedere, who knows.
Now we read in a spiritual ad that the dynamic crusade in Dutch Quarter has sent three dynamic women, identified as Prophet Jennifer Browne, Bishop Leticia McPherson and Apostle Ann to Dutch Quarter, believe it or not “to clean up St. Maarten and the entire nation.” No wonder they are still there, because there is a lot of cleaning up to do. If the prophet, the bishop and the apostle really want to complete their cleanup, they may have to stay forever in Dutch Quarter, in which case George Pantophlet may come looking for their work permits.
The ad contains a line that seems perfect for the upcoming visit of H.M. Queen Beatrix: “They are not here to steal sheep but to win souls for the Kingdom.”
That ought to make Kingdom Relations Minister Piet Hein Donner truly happy.

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