Opinion: Some relief for Saban and Statian inmates

POSTED: 01/20/12 1:16 PM

Last week we published attorney mr. Geert Hatzmann’s analysis of the cumbersome situation criminal suspects from Statia and Saba have to go through when they are sent for detention to Bonaire. Hatzmann proposed in an expose we published on this page that it is better to send these suspects to St. Maarten, because that is where the on-call attorneys that handle their cases live and because detention in St. Maarten makes family-visits from Saba and Statia more feasible.
During the Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultation last week, Christian union MP Cynthia Ortega-Martijn picked up the issue and formulated questions to the Dutch Parliament; CDA-MP Bas Jan van Bochove also said that he would investigate the situation to see what is possible.
mr. Hatzmann said that after the publication of his expose, the House of Detention in Bonaire issued a press release indicating that Saban and Statian detainees will receive extra attention and that they will be allowed to make phone calls to their families on the condition that they have their own phone cards.

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Opinion: Some relief for Saban and Statian inmates by

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