Opinion: Slander

POSTED: 11/19/12 1:57 PM

Did this newspaper really slander Justice Minister Roland Duncan? That is the question after the minister made a statement on the radio yesterday whereby he dismissed a story we published last week Wednesday about a court case that involved Hypnotic Hotel and Entertainment and Richbenzwan NV.

Hypnotic was sentenced to pay thousands of dollars to its adversary. And while Minister Duncan may have withdrawn from “all managerial positions” since 2006, the fact remains that Duncan and Brandon Management and Collection Services NV and the Duncan Holding Pension Fund Foundation are listed per February 9, 2009, as Hypnotic’s sole directors.

Hypnotic is running the Seaman’s Club under the permit of Richbenzwan. We never wrote (or imagined) that the minister is involved in the daily management of this brothel, but that his fingerprints are all over Hypnotic appears clip and clear from the Chamber of Commerce’s public registry.

This newspaper is not into fabricating malicious stories, it is involved in fact finding, and we are looking forward with confidence to any legal action.

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