Opinion: Silly dispute between Dutch Antilles Express and Insel Air directors

POSTED: 01/26/12 11:47 AM

Nelson Ramiz and Eduard Heerenveen are not exactly friends but that could change due to an intervention by a judge in Willemstad. Dutch Antilles Express-manager Ramiz and Insel air-director Heerenveen have to settle their differences over a cup of coffee, the judge suggested earlier this week.
Ramiz wants Heerenveen to rectify insults he threw at him in a local radio program. Heerenveen does not want to do that, arguing that Ramiz has expressed his opinion about the perceived insults many times already in the media.
At stake are Heerenveen’s accusations that Ramiz bankrupted Aeropostal to the detriment of many employees of this Venezuelan airline in Curacao. Heerenveen also charged that many of them had not been paid for six months.
Ramiz called Heerenveen a spoiled little boy and advised him to start drinking whiskey.
If it weren’t so sad it would be funny, two grown-ups fighting in public like this. But at the core of this silly dispute is of course Heerenveen’s charge that his company is battling unfair competition from DAE.
That story is about more than a few irrelevant remarks, and it will take more than a cup of coffee to settle that matter – if it ever gets settled at all.
So now we are looking forward to February 8, the deadline the court gave both gentlemen to settle their differences. If that does not happen, the court will take control and rule on Ramiz’ demand for a rectification on February 22.

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Opinion: Silly dispute between Dutch Antilles Express and Insel Air directors by

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