Opinion: Sheep control (Naturist Beach, nudism)

POSTED: 06/12/12 12:40 PM

The Collectivité d’Outre Mer de Saint Martin opened the offensive against naturism on its beaches earlier this year by placing signs that read: Naturism Prohibited. One of those signs stands at the end of the Club Orient Beach in Orient Bay. It’s a stiff warning to the guests of the clothing optional resort to stay on their turf and not to venture beyond Pedro’s beach bar in the buff. Even in Galis Bay there is such a sign, as if the Collectivité fears that naturists will soon start crowding the terrace of Sarafina and other waterfront establishments in Marigot.

The gendarmerie sends on occasion new recruits to the beaches to control on prohibited nudity. That’s less fun than it sounds, given the fact that most naturists are way beyond spring chicken status and besides, it’s darn hot for patrolling beached in uniform.

Zeewolde, a new-town in the province of Flevoland has a problem of its own with naturists. There is a lakeside nudist beach in the municipality called Laakstrook and it appears that quite some visitors of this location go beyond sunbathing and swimming: they engage in acts that belong in private bedrooms.

The owner of a campsite that borders on the nudist beach has had enough of these steamy activities. He engaged the services of thirty tireless controllers. They don’t wear uniforms but they are easily recognizable, since the thirty form a flock of sheep.

Camp site owner Willem den Brock directs his flock five or six times a week along the beach to disturb copulating naturists. Den Brock says that sex on the beach is increasing and that this results in decreasing visits by “normal people” and families with children.

Whether the sheep brigade will have the desired effect remains to be seen though. Den Brock acknowledges that some people enjoy being watched while they’re in the heat of the action.

So far we have not been made aware of reports about copulating naturists on St. Maarten’s beaches, but that could have something to do with the average age of this group of beach goers. And besides, getting no reports does not mean no naughty activities are taking place. We’ve got plenty of roaming goats at hand to step into the role of controller though.

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  1. Lola says:

    I am an annual visitor to Orient Beach and sorry to see this article. I thought that Europeans and folks of Orient were wise to recognize that “naturism” /nudity on the beach had nothing to do with sexuality but rather was simply a matter of comfort and liberty. I have never witnessed lewd behavior by naturists on Orient Beach, just obnoxious behavior by immature gawkers and folks trying to take photos. Seems this world has grown childish and fatuous. So sad.