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POSTED: 01/6/12 5:01 PM

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a researcher? An idea pops into your head and wham, before you know it you are busy interviewing 806 American women aged between 40 and 80 about their sex life. We’d rather go surfing or something like that, but okay, researchers at the University of California threw themselves on this juicy subject and published the results of their labors in the American Journal of Medicine.
The researchers note that the average age of the women who took part in the survey was 67, and that half of them (yep: 403) was sexually active in the month before the survey.
The researchers came up with something everybody knows: as women get older, their level of sexual activity goes down. Of the youngest women among the participants, 83 percent had had sex, of the eldest women only 13 percent.
But here’s something less obvious: in general sexual satisfaction went up with age. Of the elder women, 47 percent was always or almost always satisfied with their sexual activities against 25 percent of the youngest women. This outcome is valid for the women who had sex in the month before the survey as well as for the women who had not had sex.
Active sex is clearly not always necessary for sexual satisfaction, researcher Susan Trompeter said. Elderly people often have enough with a hug or fondling. The emotional bond with the partner and the physical closeness can be more important than experiencing an orgasm.

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