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POSTED: 08/30/12 12:20 PM

Some things are so scary that they become funny. Take this story from Iceland where a group of tourists spend hours looking for a missing companion.
The group was touring the country and had stopped in the vicinity of a volcanic area. One woman disappeared briefly from the group for a change of clothes and to freshen up. When she rejoined the group, nobody recognized her, which says a lot about the observation skills of these people.
But within a couple of hours the gossiping started. One of them was missing, the story went. It came with a description of the missing woman.
Amazingly the woman did not recognize herself in this description, which makes us think – no offense – that these tourists were in the early stages of some disease that affects their memory.
Anyway, a group of fifty people started searching the area. The Coast Guard was alerted and it deployed a helicopter to search for the missing woman.
By three o’clock at night, the search was off: by then the missing woman had realized that she had been looking for herself. Good that this did not happen in St. Maarten. Our Coast Guard does not have a helicopter and if it did, Roland Duncan would have made the tourist pay for it (we think).

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