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POSTED: 08/12/11 7:16 PM

Internet search engines are funny animals. Well, they’re not really animals of course, but they are, to say the least, funny in the way that they reveal sometimes more than net surfers wish for. Take for instance the way people end up on our web site – todaysxm.com.
Our web master produced a list of eighty search-terms people used. Ten percent of them had to do with sex and prostitution. It shows that Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ Sex and drugs and rock and roll is still alive and kicking in the twenty first century.
One surfer entered prostitutes in Sint Maarten as a search-term, probably expecting to find a cool index with girls for hire. Le Petit Chateau, the Seaman’s Club and the St. Maarten Bada Bing girl 2010 were also among the search terms.
One surfer was curious about “guns rich people own” and yet another one seemed interested in the Feri Mosh pyramid scam. We didn’t know Feri Mosh so we Googled him as well and ended up at the multi level marketing company Global Wealth Trade. Feri Mosh designs jewelry for this company – but there is no trace of a pyramid scam.
Among the people surfers looked for were Xavier Blackman, William Brooks, Julius Lambert Dick Piar, and “Molanus” (probably Maria Buncamper-Molanus).

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