Opinion: Sabotage

POSTED: 12/27/13 3:27 PM

Thirty years of radio broadcasting in Sint Maarten has been challenging and rewarding.

Rewarding in the sense that a key roll was fulfilled in public awareness. Challenging to make the most of limited options available.

The government of the then Netherlands Antilles and its institutions cooperated to ensure that our operations were free of technical road blocks; advertising clients and the public without whom we will not exist, inspired us to produce quality output.

Against this positive background, we acknowledge with regret, that the regulatory body has not met expectations. Perhaps we expected too much.

For over a year, St Maarten Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BT&P) has not come across clean on frequency interference that has plagued 99.9FM. Our frequency was being jammed, deliberately sabotaged – the conclusion by BT&P and our own technical consultants. Yet BT&P refuses to identify the source with a direct result of revenue loss and opportunities.

The minister in charge of telecommunications was officially informed in August 2013 with a request for an inquiry based on the facts that BT&P presented us with a bogus report designed to deliberately mislead us.

To date, not a word from the minister – not even an acknowledgment of our request presented in August 2013.

Gone is the sense of cooperation, to ensure maximum service to clients, and with that, integrity also thrown out.
Official documents on this can be read online at www.radiobreakfm.com / www.radiobreakfm.blog.com
Eddie Williams

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