Opinion: Roundabouts and election propaganda

POSTED: 08/18/14 5:14 PM

The definition of a roundabout seems to escape some of the candidates that are vying for a $125,000+ job for the next four years in our Parliament. The Democratic Party has reluctantly removed a billboard from the roundabout in Belvedere, and Miguel de Weever has followed suit there. Frans Richardson has positioned his billboard in that area awfully close to the roundabout but turned it slightly towards the road that feeds into it.

At the roundabout on Bush Road, the OSPP’s Lenny Priest has now erected a billboard, showing that he, too, does not give a rat’s behind about the agreement not to place campaign material in such a place. There could be others at large doing the same thing – forgive us for not checking out all roundabouts on the island this time.

At the Salt Pickers roundabout, there is still a billboard from UP-leader Theo Heyliger. It is not only close to the roundabout, it is also almost right next to the police station, so it seems impossible that nobody has ever noticed it.

When a three-year old grabs the housecat by its tail and pulls it from the chair it is comfortably snoozing on, responsible parents will correct the toddler. You don’t do that to your animals. Right? The toddler will withdraw but the next day he may just do the same thing again – just for the heck of it or simply because he forgot the instructions he received the previous day.

Aspiring politicians seem to suffer from a similar short-circuit in their brain. Otherwise there would not be a single billboard in sight at our roundabouts.

Is this a big deal? Not really. By flaunting the rules, candidates offer a candid insight in who they really are. If they break the rules today, they will break them again tomorrow, once they have grabbed one of those comfy seats in Parliament. In that sense, the electorate ought to be grateful to these candidates for their awkward attempt at transparency.

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