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POSTED: 01/25/12 11:35 AM

We’re not sure where to start, but we have to agree with parliamentarian Louie Laveist that there is something seriously wrong with the maintenance department of public works or whatever fancy name it has these days under the Vromi-ministry. There seems to be no vision, no plan, and certainly no concern for the safety of citizens who have to navigate their way through a jungle of pot holes every day.
Is there actually anybody working in that department? That seems a valid question now that even the most dangerous pot holes seem to stay with us for incredible long periods of time. It’s a miracle that nobody has broken his neck, and that nobody has reported any serious damages caused by this form of government-sponsored neglect.
The lame excuse seems to be that the maintenance guys are unable to start up some asphalt production machine just like that; they need a lot of pot holes to make this economically worth their while.
That is of course a lot of hogwash, because there are many ways to skin a rabbit. How much would a bag of cement and a little truck filled with sand cost? How difficult would it be to mix these components with water and to use this substance, aka cement, to fill the most dangerous pot holes?
Of course, to accomplish any of this one needs a department with leadership and vision. Based on results these qualities have been missing in action for a long time. Therefore we have bad roads and traffic jams that wouldn’t be there if only those maintenance guys did their job. This is, indeed, not a matter of money. It is a matter of unwillingness, incompetence and, if we follow Laveist’s reasoning, political scheming.

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