Opinion: Remarkable (MP Laville apologizes to MP James)

POSTED: 06/13/12 1:18 PM

After Romain Laville offered his apologies in parliament for his out of control behavior on Monday night towards Jules James, the latter got up and accepted. Then James gave the parliament some insight into what had transpired. It seemed the right thing to do, but for some unknown reason, National Alliance MP George Pantophlet took offense.

Okay, so now we know that Laville was ready to throw himself at James for an apparent physical attack. Now we know that bystanders brought the situation under control.

What exactly is wrong with bringing these details out into the open? We don’t get it.

Some people may have thought that James accused Laville of carrying an unlicensed gun, but after listening to the tape of the parliament meeting we’re convinced that this was not the case. James simply expressed his objections to people in general walking around with a gun, especially with an unlicensed one.

MP Pantophlet said that he was extremely disappointed with the remarks (without explaining why), that it seemed as if James said he accepted Laville’s apology while in fact he did not and that – oh, right: to make matters seemingly worse – they were brothers in church.
It was a rather weird argument. For the sake of transparency and openness we welcome James’ remarks.

We also had some trouble digesting Louie Laveist’s remark that went like: What is done is done. We should consider this water under the bridge.”

That is also a rather remarkable example to set. Suppose someone robs a tourist on the boardwalk and then says something similar: water under the bridge.

We don’t think this affair has reached that stage yet. Not by a long shot.

The police has a complaint on its desk and it will have to deal with it like it does with any other complaint. Just yesterday Chief Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos noted that crimes that involve violence have a high priority. Laville did not shoot anybody, and he did not throw any punches either, but violence must have been thick in the air on Monday night and the prosecutor’s office may well consider this an excellent opportunity to set an example.

We are not clamoring for the prosecution of Romain Laville, but we are curious indeed to see how the judicial system will deal with this situation.


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