Opinion: Reckless spending of taxpayer’s money

POSTED: 07/6/14 7:01 PM

Dear editor,

As a taxpayer of this country it leaves me no other choice than to speak out when the taxpayer’s money is being abused. The land deal in Cay Hill that the Minister of Vromi committed Country St. Maarten to, is in my humble opinion, reckless spending of the taxpayer’s money.

A piece of land that was appraised for 1.6 million dollars, the minister decided on his own to buy it with taxpayer’s money for 5.5 million dollars, a difference of 2.9 million dollars. The question is. Would the minister make that same deal if he was using his own money? I doubt that very much.

The minister justified his action by referring to a letter of intent that the previous Minister of Justice signed off on, even though he was advised to the contrary by his ministry.

It appears that the minister is hell bent on carrying out that land deal. Is this the type of governance that the United People Party has in store for this country in a future government? Those 2.9 million dollars could have gone a long way in assisting parents, who are in dire need, to pay the school fee for their children. It is these kinds of deals that cause lingering questions.


Todd Peterson


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