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POSTED: 10/5/15 6:09 PM

Dear Editor,

We are often boasting about our economy and being a leader in the region when it comes to our cruise industry, our cargo distribution facilities and being a hub for travelers by air. There is the ever ongoing search for investors on our island to build our economy and to create jobs. Jobs are needed to guarantee an income to provide for the basic necessities and some (small) luxury items. We get that.

But is this what life is all about? We work (sometimes multiple jobs), pay for food, shelter, clothes and utilities and if we’re lucky we have a bit left over to spend on other things. We hope to get quality education and health care for the taxes that we pay, drive on decent roads and basically hope to grow old. The aforementioned examples are some pillars, in which our standard of living is measured, but what about the quality of life? What about our happiness? Our peace of mind?

There are some things that can’t be measured in amounts of money, but that are worth investing in to preserve, build or eliminate. We can think of our environment (nature), safety, political stability, divorce rate, equality, freedom of religion, teenage pregnancy, or leisure time with friends and family. These are some of the things that can greatly influence our happiness.

Happiness also increases productivity and is a factor that decreases the crime rate. So, instead of only investing in projects that can increase our standard of living, we think that it is time to invest in the quality of life. Preserve what is left from nature, create leisure spots for families, show some political maturity and create an environment in which the less fortunate among us also can participate in our community.

Sjaoel “Shooz” Richardson,

President Soualiga Social Movement



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