Opinion: Promote boxing for the youth

POSTED: 07/29/14 1:00 AM

Over the weekend, a group of St. Maarteners was chilling out, while having nice discussions on a number of situations on the island. When I joined them, they were just talking about how during political campaigns, many candidates try to outdo each other in proving how they care for the youth of the country. As usual, once in office, of course they forget about the youth until the next election cycle.

One of the persons present during the chat, was my good friend and former St. Martin boxing champion, Albert Adams, better known by his boxing name ‘Jesse Torres’. When Jesse explained to us, what he has been doing pro deo for the youth for years it really touched all of us. Jesse, with very limited means, along with Marcia Cook, of Marcia’s Mega Gym in Simpson Bay, dedicates much of his time, energy and limited personal funds to train young people the art of boxing. Marcia continues to make significant contribution as well by making a boxing ring and a youth program available to youngsters.

However, many more young people would participate if their parents were financially able to do so. Nevertheless, Jesse with the great help of Marcia continues helping young people to achieve a career in boxing and in the process also helps to keep them off the streets, very disciplined and out of trouble. Over the years, Jesse has trained a number of young men to become successful boxers. One of them is a cousin of mine Sydney Maccow.

Sydney thus-far, has had a very impressive career, during which he also won a championship in Barbados and participated in the Golden Gloves Tournament in the USA. Recently he turned pro. While, he now resides in the USA, he is expected to have his first professional fight, right here on St. Maarten on Saturday, August 2, at the Auditorium in Great-Bay. Needless to say that this fight could generate a lot of international attention and could draw and inspire many young St. Maarteners as well to the sport and to sports in general.

I would like to call upon the community in general and on all politicians vying for political office in particular, to put their money, where their mouths is, and to make use of this opportunity to come to the assistance of Jesse. They should provide Jesse and Marcia with all the equipment they need to do something special for those young boys and girls, interested in the sports of boxing.

To me, it is a shame that Jesse is putting lots of time in training and disciplining his pupils, and that he uses his old car to transport them as well, without any compensation. With so many car-dealers on the island, making lots of money, there is no reason in the world, one of them could not provide a mini-bus for transportation, put your advertisement on it, nothing wrong with that. And, why again for our children, would a fuel company, not donate a monthly amount of gasoline for this vehicle?

With the publicity the upcoming boxing event will generate, this is the perfect opportunity for our government, politicians and business people to show the world that they care for our young people. I hope also, that the talk show-hosts will invite Jesse and Marcia, for more information on what he has been doing for our young people and to find out how the community can assist. Marcia’s Mega Gym is located in Simpson Bay above in the building, where Tri-Sports is also situated.

Be assured that I will keep the public up to date, especially about the interest shown by the political parties, spending millions on billboards, banners and expensive commercials. – Only to get your vote.

Leopold James


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