Opinion: Political wolves

POSTED: 08/29/14 2:41 AM

Dear Editor,

While watching the political debate on TV Sunday night, I taught I was watching a first-grade question and answer class. All candidates were seated in a row about six inches apart. If one only moved their elbows a little, they would be touching the other candidate. They were all stiff as a board, and not allowed to respond with rebuttals to another candidate until they were given permission by the politically-correct moderator, which was several minutes later.

If we want real debates in the future; candidates should be standing behind a lectern about three feet apart so the candidates are allowed some movement, and should be allowed to respond with a thirty second rebuttal immediately. Anyway, this is what I got out of Sunday night’s debate. UP and DP party said dollarization is best for St. Maarten. We agree; this is the only way to go! All political parties have taken the socialist way on crime. They all believe we should throw more money at juvenile delinquency and criminals, instead of harsh punishment. All political parties have taken the socialist stance on more protectionism in our labor laws and increase the minimum wage in this negative growth economy.

This will continue discouraging businesses from hiring locals, and all Dutch passport holders; employers will work with family members, and a smaller work force. Many more will lose their jobs because of higher payroll cost. All political parties believe Illegal immigration is not a major concern for St. Maarten. Indications are that they will do nothing to clean up our rampant crime and illegal immigration problems. All political parties have taken the socialist stance on education, and believe we should have free compulsory education and free school lunches. This will bankrupt St. Maarten, since we cannot refuse illegal children in our schools. Expect an avalanche of Illegal children from other islands and counties to continue exploiting this.

All political parties want more revenues for government. Expect more taxes after the election.
All political parties are indicating that they want more government expansion; bigger and more government.  All political parties believe the government creates jobs, not that the government should puts incentives in place for the private sector to create jobs.

Already today over 80% of everyone employed on St. Maarten is working for government directly or indirectly, almost the same percentage as Cuba, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.  My conclusion is that they’re all big-government socialists; big government equals a big oppressive dictatorship. We can expect the middle-class to continue declining, more bankruptcies, higher unemployment and a worsening economy for the following four years. One thing is certain; the politicians and their cronies will all be much richer in the subsequent four years.  Six wolves are fighting over lunch; this sheep is stepping out of the flock and will not be voting for any of them.


Peter Gunn





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