Opinion: Political power at all cost  

POSTED: 09/30/14 12:28 AM

Dear Editor,

Before postulation day for the recently held election for Parliament of Country St. Maarten, young people were encouraged to get involve and postulate themselves on a list of a political party.

What we saw happened with a first time young and aspiring candidate on the Democratic party list, who was elected to Parliament, is disheartening.

This candidate was made to be a sacrificial lamb by two self-centered power hungry veteran politicians whose modus operandi is political power at all cost.

In their quest to achieve political power it does not matter to them who is trampled upon and destroyed.

It is appalling and sickening to see what certain self-centered veteran politicians would do to achieve political power and the perks that go along with that power.

Here now we have a young person who for the first time threw his hat in the political ring and due to his political immaturity was manipulated by two self-centered veteran politicians into making a decision that will be detrimental to any future political ambition that he may have.

Todd Peterson


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