Opinion: Political folly

POSTED: 10/13/11 12:35 PM

Curacao is heading for turbulent times, or maybe it is more correct to say – more turbulent times. The decisions the Parliament in Curacao took this week do everything to shoot the messenger and nothing to make even an attempt to solve the underlying problems.
Instead of going for serious introspection, politicians and government keep screaming blue murder and making fools of themselves by instructing Attorney General Dick Piar to start a criminal investigation against Paul Rosenmöller.
Of course, those same politicians would also like to dictate to the Attorney General the desired outcome of such an investigation: Rosenmöller is guilty as charged. Any other conclusion (like, there are no grounds for a criminal investigation) would probably trigger another motion, this time designed to ask for Piar’s head as well.
This is not going well at all, and it is time for politicians in Curacao to come to their senses. The way things are going now, we figure there is no chance at all that this will happen.
That’s a pity, because in the end, the people of Curacao will pay the price for this political folly.

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