Opinion: Phone headaches

POSTED: 11/16/12 6:24 PM

Phones are supposed to work but the fact is: they disappoint consumers at the most inappropriate moments. We received a press release from St. Maarten Cable TV that confirms this perception. The company received complaints from clients whose calls to its office number went unanswered. That quickly creates the impression that the staff is on the beach, or elsewhere – a bit like the experience citizens get when they dial numbers at the government administration building.

The thing is, at Cable TV the employees were where they are supposed to be: at work. Managing Director Beulah Jonis figured out that the problem is not with her company’s phone system. She notes that other companies on the island have gone through the same experience.

One common complaint is that the phone rings on the caller’s end but that there is a delay on the other end. By the time the phone at cable TV finally starts ringing and somebody picks up, frustrated clients have already hung up, wondering why on earth their calls go unanswered.

Cable TV advises its clients to use email for communication, or fax. But faxes also travel over the same stubborn phone lines and it is possible that clients experience the same frustrations there. If nothing else works, there is always Facebook where clients are able to send information to the inbox. Send your cable TV account number and contact number with any correspondence sent this way.

Clients could also like the cable TV Facebook page.

Which makes us think that frustrated callers could also drop a line to TelEm’s Facebook page and voice their opinion about the phone system.

An even better idea is for the phone company to come up with an explanation for this communication problem. Tops would be: a solution – but we don’t want to push our luck here.

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