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POSTED: 09/2/11 11:48 AM

Some men ought to be locked up in a dark place with someone like, say Helm in Wiels for a couple of days. We found a candidate for this dubious honor in Spain, where police arrested a man for filming under women’s skirts. The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reported that to achieve this artistic goal, the man had fixed his cell phone camera under his shoelaces.
The 30-year-old got caught in, of all places, a supermarket where an off-duty police officer saw how he stepped close behind his son’s girlfriend and place a foot between her legs. The cop arrested the man and he will now have to answer to charges of violating public decency and of violating the girl’s privacy.
Stories like this always amaze us and, forgive us here, they also amuse us wildly. The story does of course not detail the results of the man’s film-activities, but we suspect that he must be hugely disappointed with the results.
And after all, what do you expect? Did the guy not do biology in high school? Is there any detail about the human body that he is not aware of?
And then, how exiting could it be to stare at blurry pictures on your Blackberry that show you maybe a pair of knickers and at best the blurry underside of a woman’s body? Has this guy no money to buy a decent copy of Playboy or the Hustler if that magazine still exists?
Hmm, we wonder very much about the mental state of this Spanish weirdo. But he did make international news and maybe that’s all he really wanted: his fifteen seconds of fame.

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