Opinion: Oppression and injustice

POSTED: 07/21/14 1:52 PM

Dear Editor,

Writer wishes hereby to in the very first place, express his sincere thanks to you for the very great article concerning himself in your well-read Today Newspaper.

However there  has been a very dramatic twist in this affair with the Receiver’s office and myself, and it now appears that this has moved from correct procedures and respect, to the place of a show of authority. Writer is not  afraid of any of the two and will continue to raise his voice  against oppression and injustice by any instance in this semi democratic place wherein we live. The receiver had placed  a lien on the account of my daughter in the WIB bank, saying that the account was mine, because I was  a signatory, ( my name appeared on her account) and that I was hiding money and  the person representing me in this matter must be careful with me, because I am quite aware of how to do such, seeing the positions which I formerly held  in government.

I am here to publicly state to that individual at the receiver’s office, who seems to know  everything  about me, to inquire at the police of S t. Eustatius and see my record there. I lived there 55 years and worked at several government departments. Check out if I have any criminal offenses, even though I worked in positions where much money belonging to government passed through my hands.

Then check if I ever had any problems with the tax department there. My daughter went to the WIB bank yesterday to try and settle the matter of the lien on her account that cannot be justified in any manner. She was never told that the bank had transferred all the money on her account to the receiver. Today she went to the Receiver’s office to speak and have the lien lifted off her account, because she could not access her account to do her business. She is a psychologist by profession.
To her astonishment she was told by the female official that received her, without any feeling of compassion or emotion, “We tok it” meaning that the Receiver’s office cleaned up her account, which had over 6000 guilders and never told her a word. Neither the Receiver’s office nor the WIB bank informed her of this action.

You see what I mean Mr. Editor? Some people think authority is to extol themselves and oppress others But we are oh so wrong. Today we are with authority and today self we can be stripped of same. Some time ago I read where an institution on the island owed government  a few millions in back taxes. An agreement was made with this institution and the lien was lifted immediately.
What is very interesting Mr. Editor is that even though the receiver’s office took that money from my daughters account toward what they say I owe them, they continue to have the lien remain on my account. Tell me is this correct procedure, or is this a personal vendetta? Sometimes injustice and  oppression of  the poor and local  people trying to do something to survive are crushed  to ashes by the tax office and the receiver, and the others better off and well to do can go ahead calling this place paradise, whilst the poor and those needing help  are slowly but surely being totally eradicated  from existence .

Our government elected by  and for the people just sits back and let their people be harassed  and oppressed by these instances, instead of doing everything possible to see that they stop favoring the well to do and keep on crushing the poor. In all my problems, I have not seen or heard from any of the elected officials and my vote has placed them there. My plea has been heard by an unelected and first time candidate who came to my assistance. I was not given money, nor were any promises made to me. But the humane gesture and moral support expressed by this individual is worth more than a million in financial gifts. This is a person who will really and truly look  out for the people.
My closing words for the Receiver’s office are these Mr. Editor:  My God still rules in the kingdom of man. Your unjust deeds and false accusations against my person will follow you and  then you will see the justice by God triumph in my life.
He says in His Holy Writ: “Stand still and see the salvation of your God.”

I have drawn aside from this unjust fight and placed it fully in God’s hand. Wait and see how He is going to work in favor of my daughter and I. Injustice never prevails.
Thank you Mr. Editor for the space in your very valuable newspaper
James E. Maduro


Editor’s note:

In the meantime, the lien has been lifted after the receiver took 5,450 guilders out of the bank account of Maduro’s daughter.

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