Opinion: Opening businesses on January 1

POSTED: 01/2/14 12:18 AM

Dear Editor,

As the representative of the Private Sector workers, it is with a bitter taste that the Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Ted Richardson and I assume his Loyal and Famous Advisors/Advisors have finally shown the people and working class of St. Maarten that Money and Power is above all morals. It also shows that there is definitely no respect what so ever for family values one would say double pay, which spending quality time with family is also very important.

I am humbly appealing to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs if his person and Cabinet were part of this purchase valium decision to please seriously have a second thought and if the Labor and Social Affairs Minister is not aware then it says something is not right (this shows no respect towards the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs).

A few weeks ago, a decision was made to grant certain businesses extended opening hours, my question is; Who is responsible for the Security of the employees? The answer: police officers in the end,.

It is no secret that Government is singing an ugly tune of “no money, no money.”

So my beautiful chorus will be: “Who will foot that bill.”

In unity,

Derie V. Leonard,

President WICSU/PSU

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