Opinion: Open letter to MP George Pantophlet

POSTED: 06/14/12 12:24 PM

While normally I do not and will not get involved in politics and while I preferred that my husband did not get involved in active politics I see the need however to address this recent scenario.

I was absolutely astonished when I read MP George Pantophlet’s reaction to my husband’s explanation of the unfortunate occurrences of Monday evening and how disappointed he felt, not about the verbal threat on Jules’ life by fellow MP Romain Laville, but rather by the fact that Jules explained what had occurred on Monday evening.

MP George Pantophlet, I want to believe that you would agree with me that your colleague MP Romain Laville overstepped his boundaries by communicating threats to inflict bodily harm upon a fellow human being, who happens to be my husband!

Verbal aggression and hostility can manifest themselves in various ways. Verbal insults, berating and belittling of others is one thing but when insults escalate to threats, these should not be tolerated as harmless.

I am certain you will agree that….Dealing with an individual who displays signs of aggression and hostility can be frustrating and stressful. In case you may not be aware there are three identified forms of aggressive or hostile behavior: passive, verbal, and physical. MP Laville displays all three and that you know full well. If only for your own personal improvement you should become adept at recognizing the signs of aggression and especially so among your colleagues.

MP Pantophlet, in your first and foremost capacity as a person, you should realize and admit, if you can , that buy valium japan whether a person is 6 or 66 aggression should be a strike out. Obviously there are less dangerous forms of aggression but the worst are those of stabbings and shootings and so when any threats of this nature are made it should be taken seriously.

I suggest to those in parliament including employees: keep your guard up and to those with such signs of aggression I recommend you get professional help.

I say like Jesus to you Mr. Pantophlet, go look at your own heart before trying to satisfy your righteous rage. I sometimes wonder if there is an inherent connection between “culture and violence”.

This next statement I am sure as a “brother in the church” you may try to dispute and that is that “forgiveness is not entirely unconditional because if that was so then the entire process of discipline would be useless or impossible.”

I have known Jules longer than you have been in politics Mr.Pantophlet and I’m here to tell you that Jules holds no grudges against any person no matter who they are. I will go further to state that he has no bitterness clogging his lifelines. So if your lifeline or  you know anyone whose lifeline is clogged with malice and bitterness then look for the obstruction and remove it.

I therefore recommend to you that you respond in a mature way – a way that will not blame anyone for the emotional, psychological and intellectual shortcomings displayed by your colleague MP Laville.

 Aggie S. James


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