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POSTED: 02/6/14 1:48 PM

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter to the editor published in the Saturday edition of The Daily Herald under the heading  “Bridge over troubled waters” I would like to comment as follows:


  1. I can agree to a certain extent with the writer(s) that the naming of the new bridge is being politically motivated. This became obvious from the moment that Michael Ferrier came with that flimsy fabricated story about having been privy to a conversation in which the leader of the UP was proposing to the Prime Minister to name the Causeway after her and she in turn expressed her gratitude but politely declined and instead suggested the name of Suzette Halley.  This idea would have been applaudable if indeed it had been the intention to honor the feats credited to Mrs. Suzette Halley.  Everyone knows the affiliation Ferrier has with both the DP and UP parties. Anything that was discussed in any meeting where those three were present has been carefully planned and will become reality.  They were apparently brainstorming on how to carry out some damage control. Their main concern was avoiding a possible backlash resulting from the land lease issued to another party of the plot of land on which Lee’s Roadside Grill and Deep Sea Fishing Business is located. Election time is coming up and the reason for choosing the name of Suzette Halley was obviously to appease this large family with its many eligible voters.  Even Moiky’s paramour has been recruited to visit the “old and feeble” (but nonetheless eligible to vote) Simpsonbay residents.



  1. Having carefully read the entire article it would appear to me that it carries a distinct racial undertone and that the writer(s) has an ax to grind with those he/she perceives as ‘family members’ of the proposed individual. Stating that he/she is a fourth generation St. Maarten citizen of Simpsonbay and is unaware of who the nominee is sounds a bit absurd.  Simpsonbay people are famed for knowing who everyone else in Simpsonbay “be” and who their “family be”. Mrs. Suzette Halley-Williams was mulatto and married to a Caucasian Simpsonbay man. If you want to split hairs neither Theo nor Sarah is what you would call “snow white” but rather mulatto. Furthermore, bringing the issue of race in the equation makes no sense as the two citizens of Simpsonbay who “allegedly received permission from the Prime Minister to use the Fisherman’s pier as their own private piggy bank and place of business” happen to be coloured persons whose parents are bi-racial. Simpsonbay has been multi-racial for quite some time. It’s remarkable how nowadays when someone has a bone to pick with someone else they obscure the issue by pulling out the race card.


The purpose of the controversial Causeway was to ‘unite’ but instead it appears to ‘disunite’.

Someday this too will all be thought of as water under the bridge.


J. H.


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