Opinion: Northstar marries Kyle

POSTED: 05/25/12 1:58 PM

Gay marriage and St. Maarten are two worlds apart and in most American states same sex marriages are still taboo with a capital T.
The American comic strip publisher Marvel is taking a shot at the future with the announcement that its comic strip hero Northstar of the X-Men will ask his friend to marry him.
The world of Marvel has always mirrored the world around us, the publisher said, adding for good measure that he wants to be sure that the characters, the relationships and the stories in their publications are based on reality.
Reality should be easy to tell stories about, but it took Marvel a year to put this one together.
The astonishing X-Men magazine publishes the events that precede the marriage. Next month Northstar and his friend Kyle Jinadu are scheduled to tie the knot.
It must be a special experience to be married to Northsar, because the character is able to move and fly with superhuman speed. Northstar and Kyle have been partners in the strip since 2009, so this is not exactly a head over heels story. The publisher, by the way, did not give any guarantees that the couple will be married happily ever after.
We’ll admit: that would not reflect reality.

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