Opinion: Non-heroic citizens

POSTED: 02/3/14 12:12 PM

Concerned citizens from Simpson Bay – apparently afraid of their own shadows – lambasted telecom provider UTS for “holding a poll in the Today newspaper” about a possible name for the bridge across the Simpson Bay lagoon. Said residents turned to The Daily Herald with their ill-advised letter that they did not dare to sign with their names, creating the impression that UTS has an interest in manipulating the name for the bridge.

Here are the facts. The Today newspaper initiated the poll. Its content is the sole responsibility of this newspaper and has nothing to do with UTS. Today only asked the telecom provider to use its network to put out the question. So UTS did not provide the poll, but it honored a request from Today to make its network available.

The names were suggested by the Today newspaper, to answer another question of these concerned citizens. Maybe they were not very original – that is why the poll also offered the option to suggest other names. At the moment of this writing we do not have those other suggestions at our disposal – but we’ll get to them as soon as we have them

Next time concerned citizens (the true non-heroic ones) write a letter to the editor, we suggest that they get their facts straight before they go on a rampage against an initiative for no reason at all.


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