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POSTED: 11/9/11 12:55 AM

Picking up passengers at the airport has become a cumbersome affair. Right in front of the terminal’s arrivals exit there is one lane reserved for taxis. Then there are three lanes for other traffic. The right hand lane is usually used by people to drop off travelers or to wait for someone’s arrival.
We understand completely that this lane is not designed for parking a car for free. But the sign the airport put up there tells motorists that parking and waiting is prohibited. In other words, people who come to pick up family or friends are supposed to either park in the paid parking lot, or drive around in circles until their party materializes from the terminal.
All this is understandable and it makes sense for days when there is a lot of traffic around the airport and when there are a lot of cars awaiting someone’s arrival.
But what is the point of enforcing the no-waiting rule if there is hardly a car in sight? That’s what happened yesterday, when we awaited the arrival of a Winair flight from Statia. One could have fired a machinegun blindfolded and not hit anybody around noon in front of the terminal.
But a friendly female security guard thought it would be fun to knock on our window and to make us aware of the no-waiting rule. The girl said it with a smile and that made all the difference. A grumpy overweight male guard with an attitude would have caused a row.
But since the security guard was so friendly, we fired up the engine and drove around the place a bit, then decided to park at the bus stop across from the airport for a while.
After two minutes our party arrived and we happily drove back to the place where the security guard had sent us on our way. She was nowhere to be seen, which is a pity, because we sure would have loved to see that smile again.
We’re still wondering how the girl managed to pull this off: shoving an unpopular measure up our heinie without making frustration getting the better of us.
The no-waiting rule sucks on certain days but the security guard rocks.

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