Opinion: No more letters

POSTED: 11/20/12 1:55 PM

Brilliant! A Danish top civil servant says that the Netherlands will be able to save itself €2 billion (that’s $2.6 billion, or 4.65 billion Antillean guilders) per year if the government stops sending letters.

It will be good for citizens and companies once all communication goes via the internet, the Danes say. But the switch only works when it becomes obligatory for everybody. In the spring a new postal law goes into effect in Denmark. That law makes filling in government forms on the internet obligatory. The law also gives electronic mail the same status as paper mail.”

For a split second we thought that such a measure would also be feasible in St. Maarten and that this would save our embattled government some sorely needed cash. Then we realized that is won’t work here. Our government has already realized those savings because it does not answer letters at all. Just ask the medical center.

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