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POSTED: 04/15/14 1:20 AM

They have invented a new trick to con you of your vote. It is the We-Ready- rhetoric. Money, as usual is absolutely in no supply for their mission. Because by getting enough of your votes they hope to be able – in good tradition – to continue to plunder, pillage and rape the country, in order to pocket all the proceeds from government-owned companies, multi-million dollar personal pet projects, set up and executed without even consulting, let alone getting approval from parliament.

History has taught us that, once in office, they repay voters with scorn, arrogance and neglect, resulting in many of you feeling frustrated and helpless. However, campaign time is the only time, they are vulnerable, meaning voters have the ability to make them sweat for your vote. Here is now, where in particular, talk show hosts, activists and bloggers can play a major role.

For one, every candidate’s greatest wish, is to use the  radio-station’s ‘mike’ to his or her advantage, which traditionally they have always been allowed to do, as they see fit – avoiding the real issues.

But, as talk show host, you not only have a great responsibility to force the politicians to deal with the real issues – you also have the means to make them take a public stance on these issues of national interest and of do-or-die for the natives of this island.

The greatest issue on the island has to do with the relationship between the native St. Martiners and in particular the immigrants in this island, not to speak about the hordes of child producing, poverty stricken, ghetto-minded illegal ones. Too often, our politicians express the same frustration to many of us, as well as what they would do with the immigrants, if they were elected. However, that they do in private conversations.

Likewise, many politicians also promise immigrants that they would get the same rights as native St. Martiners, once they get in office. Again, those promises are made in private.

In other words, for years politicians have won the trust of both groups by simply playing them out against each other based on the divide and conquer principle.

So, on the one hand they have betrayed the native St. Martin people and have deceived the immigrants and set them up against each other.

It is time to test their We-Ready platform and talk show hosts owe that to all the people living on the island.

Therefore, every time any candidate appears on your show, ask him or her to make clear where they stand when it comes to this issue between St. Martiners’ rights to survive and thrive in their own country and the rights of immigrants. Not dealing with all the aspects of this issue, is certain to eventually to result in a violent clash between both groups on the island.

Here are some of the related aspects of this issue the candidates should be asked about;

The host and guest relationship- and rights, recognition, protection and preservation of native St. Martiners, their cultural-heritage, environment, revocation of rights/benefits of non-St. Martiners who commit crimes/disrespect our laws, establishing reciprocity with countries of immigrants on our island, vending-permits policies, the gypsy phenomenon, tax-holidays for St. Martiners, reviewing role associations, protecting jobs, school-placements, and homes on the basis of St. Martiners first.

Any candidate, who is not willing or able to deal with these real issues clearly does not meet our standards of We Ready and therefore has given him or herself a motion of non-confidence, before even getting into office.

So, while respecting the right of every talk show host to function as he/she sees fit, they also owe it to their listeners and viewers to be able to test who is ready to get into office, where they will be able to do as they please for another 4 years.

Leopold James

President the St. Martin Grassroots People Movement.

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